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While in the past one spoke of Key Accounts or Wholesalers now e-commerce or modern trade are terms that challenge sales leaders who cater for a world market. Understanding the new and traditional channels, their key characteristics and their dynamics is vital because the connected economy will make sure that one day they will influence every market. Most sales executives have built their expertise in a channel and growing in their career requires expertise in more channels and markets.

We will provide examples and knowledge in steering channels on a global level.

• Key accounts
• Wholesalers
• e-commerce
• Distributors
• Field sales force
• Selected distribution channels (pharmacies, salons, department stores, drugstores, florists, home improvement, tabacs, kiosks…)
• Retail

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Monday, 18 September 2017 16:35

Wholesalers facing the future

Written by

What do wholesalers have to do to reverse a persistent downward trend in profitability and the impact of threatening disruptions stemming from digitization, e-commerce and mobile?

Friday, 06 January 2017 17:40

Omnichannel strategy (do you know what it is?)

Written by

The channels chosen to reach customers are key in forming a sales strategy of products and services. Technology in general and e-commerce in particular have widened but also complicated the channel strategy of companies. While everyone was busy developing multichannel, a new term has emerged over the last years: omnichannel. What do these terms mean and how can a company navigate in establishing a successful omnichannel strategy?