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Incentives (1)

Engagement and Motivation through Incentives is a major chapter in Sales. Some consider it an art, others a science. What is clear is that many resources are wasted on wrongly designed incentive schemes. Even more potential is not used because the targets are not appropriately set or the structure applied did not serve the strategic objective of the company.

Within the category of incentives, we cover:

• The principles of designing an incentive system
• The elements of such a system,
• The process of target setting
• The modelling needed to validate the efficiency of the system applied
• The technology and intelligence available to support incentive schemes
• How to best introduce a new system


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Successful sales teams take pride in smashing targets and are driven by the opportunity to earn big. How to set sales targets and incentivize the salesforce in this dark period of uncertainty? Not all is opaque. Shed light with key practical insights!