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Sales, especially in B2B, are becoming more and more technical! Forget the obsolete stereotype of the phoney salesman who kicks the tires to make a sale. It is all about digital capabilities. Check here some valuable aspects of the digitalization transformation, which is essential to prepare your company for the arrival of Marketplaces. 

B2B Distributors and Wholesalers are in an monumental transition. Those that want to lead the future, must have strong value propositions and cutting edge digital capabilities. Emerging Marketplaces will shake the established way of operating. However, before adapting to the future, they must ensure that their sales forces, still the core of the customer experience, are extremely effective and efficient. This is the first part of a series of three articles of today and tomorrow of B2B Sales.

Exploding commodity and energy prices have been giving headaches to manufacturers and distributors of food, agricultural and building products and many more industries. Supply shortages have turn headaches to sleepless nights. Finance is screaming at Sales to take a grip on Sales’ biggest fear: Price increases.

While expanding their digital capabilities, insurers need to adjust their face2face channels for effective, empathetic, personalized service. A true omnichannel customer journey.

Retail in the future will be more technology driven. The ideal place for new products and brands. Omnichannel and dynamic pricing will be the first areas to excel. 

Fast moving and unpredictable are descriptions for these industries. We can help with the much-needed changes combining technology application and channel management.

Innovation is the lifeblood of these industries. We can reveal the hidden value throughout the Sales value chain: from effective sales training to target setting and incentives.

The transformation of B2B companies presents a bigger potential than B2C. There is an urgent need to modernize Sales and Pricing processes using data and analytics.

This is the absolute best way to turbocharge a market! Intensive in-market scans reveal a clear action plan to either celebrate a market’s liftoff or effectively its turn around

It is beyond technology implementation; it is about first hand, proven experience in evolving existing sales force processes, as well as inventing totally new sales models.

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