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This is the most often used and misused element of Sales. Major Investments are made to improve the technical and selling skills of the sales teams with effects that are simple energy boosts that last not even until the end of the training. The new technology revolutionizes the field of training because it allows a high engagement while participating from home or during on-the-job training. Gamification and higher quality software cater for quicker onboarding and continuous competition among team members. Machines start learning faster and faster threatening entire professions.
In Training the focus is not only on content creation but rather on:
• On boarding and enablement
• Technology trends on learning
• Training programs suitable for various roles
• Training as a process and not as a one off event
• Coaching


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In this article, we will discuss the core sales capabilities your sales team will need to acquire through training and zero in on the more concrete actions you must take to ensure your upcoming, highly-anticipated innovation launches are successful.

Personnel turnover in sales can be high, especially in retail industries. Sales leaders rarely pay the necessary attention to onboarding of new employees. The productivity gap could be enormous. Read the 6 crucial points to help you make a best-in-class onboarding program.